Lots of traffic lately! So I am guessing you might be coming here from Mashable for the Beginner’s Guide to Integrating Facebook and WordPress. If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting, I hope something here rocks your world.After writing my Very Useful Guide post to integrating […]


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Nervous Thrill

by Tim MSeptember 17, 2010 Asides

I haven’t posted anything on PH for a while as I’ve been busy as a mofo SHIPPING. My first iPhone app is nearly done, and my third ebook for TourDeFranceTips.com is in production. Flying back from France in July, I finally wrote this on my customs slip re-entering Australia, and it gave me a thrill. […]

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PayPal is Broken

by Tim MJune 29, 2010 This is Broken

PayPal is broken. Customer Service never solves anything. I contacted PayPal as my credit card mysteriously disappeared from my account with no explanation as to why. I emailed them (after re-linking it), here’s what I got. Dear Tim Marsh, Thank you for contacting PayPal. I apologise but PayPal did not remove your card. If you […]

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Dear Aeroplan: your user panel sucks (a case study in poor UX)

by Tim MJune 10, 2010 This is Broken

Since reading Defensive Design for the Web by the Signals, I’ve become obsessed with good UI and UX; it’s something I constantly focus on at wherespresso.com and its iPhone app, as it’s developed. In my mind, there are NO EXCUSES for poor UI and UX from big companies like Aeroplan. None. Zero. Zilch. If you […]

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How to Lose Control of your Brand (the Bonsoy Recall)

by Tim MApril 28, 2010 Business

Recently, I wrote about how not to manage PR (this related to the Bonsoy recall). As a continuation of that theme, I want to illustrate how easy it is to lose control of your brand/identity in cyberspace when people are angry about something you’ve done, particularly when there is an information vacuum. The market does […]

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Chitika Ads causing Twitter Character Insertion

by Tim MApril 23, 2010 Technology

This particular problem has been causing me trouble on three of my Twitter accounts; @projectheresy, @tdftips and @shredquest. Random characters: click to expand. I’ve finally pinpointed the culprit: the Chitika Premium plugin for WordPress, when used in combination with TwitterFeed. I’d previously put the Chitika ad unit at the top of posts. I’ve moved it […]

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Free to a Good Home: Intelligent Energy Management System Idea

by Tim MApril 22, 2010 Featured

The Idea I’ve been ruminating over setting free my idea for a while, and I’m just too busy to justify sitting on this, so I am giving it away. For a while, I’ve been very intrigued about the lack of a really good home power management system. Sure, there are some really good solutions that […]

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Why I Hate 37signals’ new book Rework

by Tim MApril 7, 2010 Cool Tools

I hate Rework. …About as much as I hate 3 foot of powder in the Canadian Rockies. This book is THE BEST BUSINESS BOOK I HAVE READ. Actually I am wrong. Linchpin and Rework are neck and neck. Here’s why you need to read this book. It’s AWESOME. It will change how you view your […]

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Getting it Shipped: a lesson from my wherespresso.com makeover

by Tim MMarch 31, 2010 Featured

Website makeovers can become horribly corrupted, go way off course from the original intent, and sometimes end up hopelessly compromised, and even go undelivered. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, particularly of Seth and 37Signals, and their lessons as they pertain to my goals in overhauling wherespresso.com were highly instructive (seriously, if you […]

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How to Save Attachments on the iPhone

by Tim MMarch 7, 2010 Featured

Seeing as I am heading overseas soon, I needed a way of saving attachments (pdfs, specifically, for plane itineraries and passport scans) from emails on my iPhone (both from the Mail app and from a browser) to my iPhone. I didn’t want to have them just attached to emails (even IF I had downloaded them), […]

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Very Cool Affiliate Plugin $30 Off for Two Days

by Tim MFebruary 4, 2010 Cool Tools

MaxBlogPress makes some handy WordPress plugins, one of these is the Ninja Affiliate Plugin. This plugin allows you to shortcut your affiliate keyword linking via a special plugin, saving you loads of time. Anyway, this isn’t a hard sell. Check it out, and if you like what you see, I’d love if you bought it […]

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