Ok, so I have some serious affiliate hookups for people who send us sales, usually around 50% of the sale.

I manage affiliate sales through e-junkie, who make it very easy. All you need to do is sign up and provide a PayPal account, and it all happens. I’ll try and pay affiliates once a month. Sometimes, as I get started, I might forget, so just nudge me, and I’ll do it (remember, I am very busy, not that that’s an excuse!).

Anyway, once you sign up, e-junkie will give you a link that you can give to friends, family etc etc, and if they use it, BOOM, income city, population you. So good on you.

You can sign up for my affiliate program here.

Currently, this is what we have on the table:

  • WordPress basic installs: 50% commission
  • WordPress gnarly super-complex installs: 50% commission

Stay tuned for more.

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