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This particular problem has been causing me trouble on three of my Twitter accounts; @projectheresy, @tdftips and @shredquest. Random characters: click to expand. I’ve finally pinpointed the culprit: the Chitika Premium plugin for WordPress, when used in combination with TwitterFeed. I’d previously put the Chitika ad unit at the top of posts. I’ve moved it […]


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How Telstra Can Improve Customer Service

by Tim M on January 11, 2010

Dear Telstra,

I don’t have a huge problem with you, I think you’re great, honestly, I do.

However, your customer service stinks. I know David Thodey is on the warpath with this, so here’s some free constructive criticism for you. If you act on stuff like this, that causes real inconvenience (not to mention most of it just doesn’t make sense), you’ll have a chance of ruling the mobile roost.


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So, over to Optus I went, with a fully owned, unlocked iPhone – one day before I headed up to the South Coast of NSW for a week. Imagine my anger, when, upon trying to get tethering working, it was blocked.


“yes” Optus? NO, OPTUS.


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How I Choose a WordPress Theme

by Tim M on October 25, 2009

I (and I am not the only one!) spend a lot of time – WASTE a lot of time – mucking around with Wordpress Themes.
So far I reckon I’ve spent $500 on…


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This Web2.0 business can be a bit overwhelming: Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Ning, Vimeo – the list of sites and services is ever-expanding and pretty confusing.

For me though, two services clearly stand out – Twitter and Facebook. Both are great for communicating with users and getting information and news out. I don’t have a personal FB account as I personally abhorr the crap people put on FB – it’s a great business tool, nothing else (FB have done a great job of convincing people it’s a great personal “tool” too).


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