Cool tool (gmail+CSS coding)

by Tim M on May 14, 2009

One of my obsessive obsessions is cool tools that actually help my productivity or make my overly cluttered life, less so.

Below are two such tools.

The first is a set of tools from the excellent These tools add some cool functionality like nest label in Gmail. Note they are for Firefox but apply to new Gmail and old Gmail.

I was playing around with the nested labels and worked out that you need to do the following to get it to work.

If you have a parent label (folder) called, for instance, “Travel”, then to create a child label, or folder (say, France2008), you simply create a label (or rename an existing one) called Travel/France2008.

The second tool is INCREDIBLE. Firebug is an incredible, spectacular, on-the-fly, non destructive, CSS (and HTML) editor for Firefox. Basically, you add this in, and you can make changes (which occur on a local cached copy) to see how the changes would appear on the live site. It also shows div boundaries, padding, margins and so on. It is going to make my coding life a zillion times easier.


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