Cool tools: SUPER productivity

by Tim M on May 22, 2009

I’m really, really bad at focusing, except when I really, really, need to. And at that point I get VERY focused. It gets gnarly.

When you’re working full time, have a kick-arse girlfriend, are running a sustainable snowboarding company, and getting a new site/venture off the ground, as well as running photos, snowboarding, surfing, travelling and playing with your family, as well as smashing out bike races – it can get hard to focus once you add email and a heap of Google Reader things to read.

So, I’m always on the lookout for things that will focus me, or make me much more productive.

Below are some tools that do both of these things.

Write is simply awesome. Check the screen shot below. Tonight I did a massive email interview for Heresy with Avran over at


Then I did this post. And after reading Leo’s post here (where I found all these tools), I’ve completely cleaned two core gmail email accounts (personal + Heresy) as well as my computer desktop.

I feel much better already.

Anyway, check out Write.

Scrivener looks super interesting – I am going to test it by writing an article on the effects of climate change on the Australian ski seasons with it.

I’m going to be doing an ebook on our trip to France for the Tour de France in it too (more news on this soon). So it should get a good work out.

Taskpaper looks good too – simple, and effective. task management.

You REALLY have to download Quicksilver. It’s AMAZING. I just hit Opt-Q and up it pops – I type in the App I want (or file) and BOOM! There it is. I can then open or actuate some other action. I haven’t gotten my head around it yet, but once I do, watch it.

Cool tools – it’s how I value add the adding-value paradigm.


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