How to Migrate from Blogspot to WordPress

by Tim M on June 15, 2009

Now, I used to use Blogspot. Until I realised how limited it was. Like, very limited.

So now I run 3 blogs on WordPress, because WP is totally awesome.

However, many people have built up quite a large number of posts on Blogspot and there’s no way (that I know of) to mass migrate to WordPress. So, it needs to be done manually. Which is highly lame.

Now I don’t know about you but it would take me days of non stop work to migrate from here to here. My time is worth a lot to me, so to me it makes sense to oursource it to someone.

Enter Johnny B. The man is offering to do this for USD$97, read more here. I can personally vouch for John BT’s radness, so if you want to save a tonne of your own valuable time, then pay him to do it.


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