Beginner’s Guide to Integrating Facebook and WordPress

by Tim M on September 28, 2009

After writing my Very Useful Guide post to integrating Facebook and WordPress, I thought I’d put it all in a guide you can download.

So, here it is. Totally free. Zero dollars. Do with it as you will, as long as you do not sell it or claim it as yours.

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Cool, and enjoy.

Improve it, pass it on, email it etc. Creative Commons license info is below.

Creative Commons License
Dummies Guide to Integrating Facebook and WordPress by Tim Marsh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.
Based on a work at


  • Me Again

    Hello Again,
    Thank you for the information on integrating WP and Facebook. I’m just testing these comment boxes.

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  • Alex

    unable to download pdf

    • Tim M

      It’s working for me, just tested. What’s the problem?

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  • Paul

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for your excellent Facebook Connect resources. Even better that you're using Thesis too!

    Do you have any suggestions for converting traffic from Facebook into paying members of a site?
    Is my only choice to make these visitors create new user accounts to have them access paid areas of my site?
    I'll be using a membership plugin that can create different levels of access for users.

    Hope you can shed some light.

    P.S. Your contact from wasnt working properly for me – invalid URL message.

    • pheresy

      Hi Paul,
      my pleasure, I hope it helps many people.

      To be honest with you, conversion comes down to making a great impression – quickly – with great content. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Conversion to loyal readers (which could be a paying loyal reader) is my focus on and — as I learn more, I'll let you know of successes. Regardless of whether readers come from Facebook or elsewhere, the key is the content (and I think look and feel too, UI/UX is very important).

      I think you need to give some content away free to build trust. That's what I am aiming for with and some sister sites. If you like, I can email you with more details.

      But, you should check out and guys like Copyblogger etc for tips on this.

      Thanks for the heads up on the contact form, too.

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  • Joy Smith

    I'm one of the lucky ones who picked up 12 cartons of Bonsoy before they were reclaimed by the authorities – drinking it right now as I type this note.
    A 65 year old who has enjoyed Bonsoy cappuccino's for years I think this whole debacles is yet another Pan Pharmaceuticals. I wonder how much Spiral Foods will win in an eventual law suit. Sadly, it will be against a govt stupid enough to be beholden and hand in glove with vested interest. Yet again big pharma and big business who feel threatened by and despise the successful, good and honest operator get away with 'murder'.

    • Greg

      Joy, what are you on about?

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