Coder Needed: WordPress, php and mySQL

by Tim M on January 4, 2010

Well, I’ve tried elance several times, but it’s getting me nowhere.

I desperately need a WordPress Form Plugin allowing User submissions via HTML elements. This plugin will be used to basically create a reviewing engine. i.e. original post submission which can be done by anyone, with the post forming a review. People can then add their comments to the review.

I need to build upon the current TDO Mini Forms functionality (or similar), as well as integrate with Chris Richardson’s Google Maps MapPress plugin, GD Stars (or similar), Facebook and Twitter.

I have a much more detailed brief which can be sent to you.


  1. Accept input from either registered users or guests (there is some work required around user/post moderation)
  2. Must check against Akismet and database to ensure no dual listings (this will be checked according to a few fields in the database like address and so on).
  3. Fields are variously text, URL, drop down single choice (I will provide detail once we agree on the fee and proceed).
  4. Must integrate to Chris Richardsons MapPress Google Maps plugin (or similar), to allow a Google Map embedded map of the target, i.e. the form must pop up a Google Map to allow someone to pinpoint an address via address input field.
  5. Allow user photos/video via embed, URL, upload from local host — there are some rules around when to allow etc.
  6. Admin control of fields appearing in post title and tags (i.e. auto generate post title and tags based on fields I tag to be used).
  7. The form must be able to just sit on a submissions page so anyone can access it.
  8. Creation of full control over each form element.
  9. Auto creation for search form based on which fields I choose to appear in search form.
  10. Control over which fields appear in comments section.
  11. Send an email using the contact form below if you have the chops, serious chops.


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