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by Tim M on June 4, 2009

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I am here to kick some bum.

Part of that is helping people (and yes, earning me some coins). This post is about how I can help you install a killer WordPress-based blog or site.

To make this easy for me (and therefore cheap for you), I need you to follow the steps below as closely as possible.

There are two options for you to choose from.

1. Ultra Cheap AUD$50
2. Totally Awesome $100 (not on offer yet – this will be where I configure all your plugins and some other stuff)


In this option, you basically get a WordPress blog, themes and some plugins installed.

What I WILL do:

  1. I will install and configure basic options for the WordPress blog.
  2. I will install a few plugins (listed below):
  3. a. AddThis (social networking buttons)
    b. Akismet (SPAM protection)
    c. All in One SEO Pack (for SEO-ing the shyzen out of your posts)
    d. Apture
    e. CommentLuv
    f. Google Analytics
    g. Tweet This
    h. What would Seth Godin Do
    i. Subscribe to Comments
    j. Feedburner
    k. Email, Print plugins
    l. Post Views, Post Ratings
    m. Sticky Post

  4. Install the theme you want. Go to projectheresy.com/dummy to play around with the themes. You can also check out http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ for free WordPress themes. I am happy to install one of these for you if you want. Alternatively, I can install the Thesis theme (which is what I’m running on here right now).
  5. Give you the WWW and login details so you can start posting.
  6. That’s it!

Once I have that payment, I will login to your webhosting, install the good stuff, get out and let you know. You can then change the passwords etc so I can’t get back in.

What I WON’T DO on the ultra cheap plan:

  1. Configure plugins, or sign up for any accounts with plugin providers (like AddThis)
  2. Customise your theme
  3. Migrate any other posts or database from anything or anywhere
  4. Blog tutoring
  5. Login in to your domain host and point your domain at name servers (I reserve the right for me to sweet talk myself around to helping you out on this one if you really need it)
  6. Anything else that’s not in the “What I WILL DO” list.


Step 1: Get hosting and Register domain from Hostgator. Get the Baby Plan – the Hatchling may sound good, but it is lacking in crucial stuff – like being able to host multiple domains.

Feel free to grab domain+hosting together or separately, try Moniker for domains.

Note: If you do this, you’ll need to login in to your domain control panel and point the name servers at the host’s name servers. Complicated for some, so if that sounds too gnarly, just get the whole shebang from Hostgator.

Now, hopefully, you have one already, if not, check out this post from Seth on how to choose a totally awesome one. He is the man, so listen well.

Step 2. Make your payment here and supply me the details in the form you will be redirected to.

Step 3. Wait for the fireworks

I know, simple right?

What you need to be aware of.

  1. Hostgator probably is not business-grade. If you want something business grade, I recommend Media Temple (I can still do everything above, it’ll just be on media Temple).
  2. I get affiliate commissions for Hostgator and Moniker. Like I said, you can use someone else if you want as long as they have one click WordPress install via Fantastico or similar, support mySql and all the other stuff Hostgator supports, if it doesn’t…
  3. That’s about it.

Are you ready?

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