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by Tim M on August 6, 2009

Launching your own business?

Confused where to start? Don’t even have the foggiest idea where to start?

You’re not alone.

The barriers to entry have never been lower, there have never been more people to help, so read on to get started.

Letting go is scary. Letting go of that piece of sh!t corporate/9-5 job that pays loads is hard. Really hard. Here’s the thing though. Every time you compromise, you’re punching a piece of your soul out. You can feel it. A dejectedness. Detachment.

I wrote about it here. And Jonathan wrote about it, and produced an ebook about it. Naomi wrote an incredible post on how we got to this point, so did Clay.

I also wrote about why compromise is unacceptable.

I still haven’t axhieved corporate independence but the plan is underway – this site catalogues my journey. I’m still trying to do it here and on another couple of projects. Nothing wrong with hustling on the side on information products.

What I have learnt though, through my extensive business reading, and through all the awesome blogs I read (which I provide at the end), is 4 key things:

  1. You HAVE to work out what you’re really good at, what value you can offer, what problem you can solve
  2. You then have to work out how to offer that to people in a package they’ll pay for
  3. What is your angle
  4. You have to do this in a manner that’s highly scalable (shifting 1s and 0s around is easier than snowboards)

It’s the thinking I apply to any idea now. Can it scale? Can I be working on the business not in it.

As I talk about all this stuff to my friends and family a lot, as well as people like my physio, they tell me that I know what I am talking about in terms of picking out what someone is good out and framing a strategy around building a business around it. That is to say, they tell me that I provide really good strategic and execution advice.

This led me to think, “perhaps I could write a course or step-by-step guide on how to identify your skills and then business-fy them (but not jobify them). Then I realised that I just did not have time, no matter how much I wanted to (you can read more about why that is on my about page). I’ve already worked out how my little brother can create a business around his incredible musical talent. My mum with her artistic skill. My brother’s fiance with her medical skills. Friends at work with iPhone apps. And I don’t mean monetisation, I mean real business. Their ideas and skills are so obviously marketable.

Anyway, there is NO reason why you can’t do this. None. Zero. Zilch. Got that?

I’d love to help you by getting a WordPress site up to get you started. Hey, if you email me, I can even give you some ideas (I might even start charging for it formally in the next 12 months).

But, really, you need a complete start, and there’s one dude who’s doing it really well at the moment – my man
Johnny B Truant. Johnny does some rad stuff, and is totally funny as hell. You should check out this link, because he will show you:

• How to set up hosting and a domain name, and launch a website/blog.
• How to add themes, plugins, content, widgets, and more to your site to make it do what you want it to.
• How to make your blog more like a normal website than a blog, if you’d like.
• How to create email addresses and forwarders.
• How to setup an email marketing service and configure new lists.
• How to add products, categories, and product links in two separate e-commerce software packages.
• How to set up affiliate programs (both general and product-specific) so others can sell your stuff for you.
• How to become someone else’s affiliate to make money NOW.
• Two tips to being a kickass affiliate for someone, and actually making sales… the tips that have made him thousands.
• How to set up and use Twitter.
• And a bunch of other awesome stuff.

And if you need some motivation…would you rather wake each day when your body dictated, smash a ride out, then a coffee, then do some work, or work as a drone. No, it’s not easy, but you owe it to this universe and the miracle of your existence to try.

In case you need some more motivation, check out:

  1. Get Leo’s awesome motivation guide
  2. Read what Chris is up to, he ALWAYS inspires me
  3. Chris’ Guide to World Domination [free]
  4. Chris’ guide to success [free]
  5. Chris’ freedom guide
  6. Tom’s post about authentic work
  7. Seth on doing it right – go get lost on his site, you’ll never be the same
  8. Read this from Darren on treating your blog like a business (which I don’t do, stupidly)
  9. Get Darren’s (@problogger) guide on 31 Days to a Better Blog

Above all, carpe diem, and make this baby happen. Feel free to drop me an email for encouragement. I love seeing people succeed.


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