Plug: More Buyers Mastermind

by Tim M on October 20, 2009

So, Dave Navarro, who I reckon is awesome (I mean look at his photo: “I’m Dave Navarro, ARRRRRRRGHH!”) has launched his The 2009 More Buyers Mastermind course, which is a course on How to Grow Your Business with interviews+transcripts+workbooks with some of the HOTTEST marketing minds on the Internet. Think Chris Guillebeau, Michael Martine, Brian Clark, Chris Garrett, Naomi Dunford and Sonia Simone.

I know, right?

Dave has interviewed these guys and is providing this course, which is US$10,000 worth of consulting+extras, for the stupidly low price of $197. The course was $97, and WILL go up to $297 on 16th November.

I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer now.

I have bought a few of Dave’s products for my Cycling Through France book and his stuff works. I’ve also bought some of Naomi’s, Clay’s and Chris Guillebeau’s stuff. It is all worth every cent.

As for the peeps involved? I am a HUGE fan of Chris Guillebeau, the man informs most things I do.
Brian Clark and Chris Garrett are super smart. I adore Naomi D – she’s just awesome.

Trust me when I tell you this is stupidly cheap.

Yep, there’re a LOT of people selling “reports” and access to this and access to that at the moment. What I can tell you is that this is TOTALLY worth it.

197 bucks? You could spend that on a Heineken blow out on a night out. Save yourself the money and do your business a favour.

This offer goes up by a hundred bucks on November 16, so do yourself a favour and get The 2009 More Buyers Mastermind course now.



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