How I Increased My Visitors by 7345%

by Tim M on October 23, 2009

This site exists primarily to catalogue my adventures from cubicle-bound automaton to Debonair Global Entrepreneur and Wanderer, and Raconteur of Same. It sits here, not doing much, not doing too much in the way of affiliate commissions (to be honest, I don’t really give it the attention it needs to get it to that level), I just throw cool stuff up that helps people.

Now, my goals to achieve independence from “The Man” are multiple, and consist of:

So really, this page is just here to catalogue my “stuff”. Page views and visitor numbers aren’t really important to me on this page. They most certainly are on, Tour de France Travel Tips, and

Recently, I started integrating Facebook into my web presences.

I didn’t find it that easy, so once I worked it out, I wrote a totally kick arse 40 page guide on how to do it, which you can download for free here.

This guide was worth something, I thought. Plenty of people told me I could charge $2-5 for it, or “gate” it behind a mailing list – i.e. “join the list and get this free”.

Then I thought, bugger it, I’ll just give it away. Improve the internet. So I did. Then I wrote about how I did the ebook. More value.

Then what happened? I turned up on the front page of Mashable.

And now, albeit admittedly off a low base, I have gone from visitors of less than 50 a month to more than 700 unique visits a month.

Let’s see how it holds up.

The lessons from this?

  • Create Value
  • Make it Free
  • Help People


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