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I recently finished and launched my first ebook; Cycling through France – a comprehensive guide to planning and executing a cycling trip to France for leisure, the Tour de France or L’Etape Du Tour (you read about our fun and games in 2009 here).

After about 5 months live, and recovering my costs (USD400 for Paul’s excellent services), I thought I’d write about the successful and not-so-successful parts of how I did this.


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I thought I’d write a post about how easy it is to get web businesses started. I’m all for people having a shot at either hustling on the side of their real day job, or having a massive crack and deriving income from their passion.

I won’t cover how to find your market and so on; many people much smarter than me cover this elsewhere.

So read on for the plan, or, do what I do, and shoot first and ask questions later (could explain why I have 50 domains I’ll never use). If you blast away with the shotgun enough, something will stick, particularly if driven by a good idea. Failure is totally ok. Remember that.


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Plug: More Buyers Mastermind

by Tim M on October 20, 2009

So, Dave Navarro, who I reckon is awesome (I mean look at his photo: “I’m Dave Navarro, ARRRRRRRGHH!”) has launched his The 2009 More Buyers Mastermind course, which is a course on How to Grow Your Business with interviews+transcripts+workbooks with some of the HOTTEST marketing minds on the Internet. Think Chris Guillebeau, Michael Martine, Brian […]


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