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Making Money Online: Very Hard

by Tim M on November 17, 2009

aking money from blogging.

Making money from blogging about making money from blogging.

Good luck with that, unless you’re John Chow or Darren Rowse. That horse, my friend, has bolted. Well perhaps not entirely. But find a niche and work hard. It will take time. And effort. Then more time.


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I thought I’d write a post about how easy it is to get web businesses started. I’m all for people having a shot at either hustling on the side of their real day job, or having a massive crack and deriving income from their passion.

I won’t cover how to find your market and so on; many people much smarter than me cover this elsewhere.

So read on for the plan, or, do what I do, and shoot first and ask questions later (could explain why I have 50 domains I’ll never use). If you blast away with the shotgun enough, something will stick, particularly if driven by a good idea. Failure is totally ok. Remember that.


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